Save Your Past : Testimonials

The quality of the photos is amazing. I will certainly use your company again and recommend to others.

Daniel M., Hampshire

AWESOME! Just watched [the DVD of our converted home videos] and there have been tears of joy and laughter! Just so lovely to see and remember the boys at different ages, as well as an amazing holiday. My goodness time goes fast and how quick they change. Thanks so much for sending it to us. We will definitely have a rummage and send you more tapes soon.

Jess McP., Oxfordshire

Save Your Past digitised my Father’s photos from when he was a young man in the RAF. They were only small and in an old album. We were amazed and thrilled when we viewed them on our web gallery, as there were details we hadn’t even noticed in the photos. He had some extraordinary experiences and we are exceedingly happy to share them with our own children and family.
[Updated: additional comment from Heather] “It was my youngest, who enjoyed looking at the photos the most. She hardly knew her grandfather and they really engaged her interest – she has them on her laptop.”

Heather H., Wiltshire

We have just received our collection of photos back from Save Your Past and are really pleased with the CD. Putting our old photos onto a disc is something that we've been meaning to do for years, but just never got around to doing. Save Your Past have done a wonderful job for us! They were friendly and efficient and we will definitely be back with more photos for them the process, once we've found them in the loft! It is comforting to know that our childhood memories are now safe and can be enjoyed by us and generations to come.
Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Isabel, Oxfordshire

My experience of working with 'Save Your Past' was both professional and sensitive in nature. Many of my family photos were discoloured and old and it was like magic when they were returned to me as a digital image, as if new (albeit the clothing was a giveaway!) I used the newly digitalised images to create a family photo book for my mother's birthday present who was overwhelmed with the fact that so many special photos were now all in one place, looking as if new. On her thank you note to me she wrote "Thank you so much for the lovely photo album, I will treasure it always."
I would highly recommend 'Save Your Past' to anyone who wishes to save some old family or important photos, either as a DVD or digital images. They were a pleasure to work with.

Emma Richardson, Oxfordshire

We can’t really put into words how glad we were to find Save Your Past. Having children which are rapidly getting older makes you realise how precious all those photos you took when they were younger are. Save Your past made us a DVD containing all my favourite photographs. It was an exciting and emotional watch. I cannot thank them enough for their wonderful product, time, enthusiasm and professionalism securing our much loved memories. Also the reassurance of keeping everything safe and secure with their offsite backup is a relief. Many thanks,

Bruce and Claire Jones, nr Ross-on-Wye

It was a real pleasure to do business with Save Your Past. After my husband’s father passed away and we were clearing his house we came across a box of photos. As my husband has three sisters we decided that digitising them was the only fair way that they could all have a copy of the photos of them all growing up. This was done so sensitively and the enhancements made were amazing. Everyone is very happy having their own DVD of their childhood. I would recommend Save Your Past without hesitation, they were great.

Julie Davies, Herefordshire

Save Your Past digitised our wedding photos for us **, it was only 7 years ago but photography has moved on so quickly. Even though I hadn’t done anything with the negatives for years, the relief I feel knowing they are now safe and digital is great. It also means I can do so much more with them now. Save Your Past has unlocked a wealth of opportunity to re-live our wedding day, if we choose to.
**(Note: The client had written copyright permissions from the photographer)

S Smith, Oxfordshire