Save Your Past : negative from 2004

This negative from 2004 has been digitally scanned to 4800 dpi in order to demonstrate the extremely high level of detail that can be captured from even quite old slides and negatives.

When the print of this group shot was given to happy couple, the bride was upset to find that one of her sisters was just out of shot and had been omitted from this treasured memory. Fortunately, it turned out that the print had cropped more than was contained in the negative, and following digitisation she has now been restored to the newer replacement print of the wedding day.
(* The copyright permissions have been obtained from the photographer for the use of this negative)

HTML Zoom Viewer based optimised viewing experience:

Provided that you have javascript enabled you should see a zoomable image of the resulting digital image of the scanned negative from 2004. This digital image was very high quality and as such actually extremely large (over 100MB) which enabled us to have an A1 poster printed which still looks clear and crisp. Use the below demonstration to zoom in to see how much detail has been captured.

The far right button on the viewer below triggers full screen mode, which gives an even more in-depth experience.