Save Your Past : Video Conversion

Capture and relive your life's experiences, share them with friends and family and treasure them forever.

Send us your VHS video tapes, mini DV and Hi 8mm tapes, even NTSC video tapes (American format) and transform them into a DVD, web gallery or the format required for Facebook uploads. All conversions are personalised with a menu and scenes for easy navigation (just like a current film DVD).

Feel like it was only yesterday and watch it on your own television.

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We can provide you with a private video gallery to help you share these memories with friends near and far. Our video services work on iPhone and iPad and all modern browsers (using Flash or HTML5 video).

Included with your order is 1 months hosting of your video gallery - and we also offer video galleries using Video Streaming technology (requires Flash) which makes it more feasible to share longer videos online.